The CEI - Executive Secretariat, in cooperation with ARIES and MareFVG, has organised three BLUE_BOOST Info days in Trieste, held on 29 May, and on 14 and 18 June.

The overall opportunities for Blue Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises provided by the project were presented to the public, providing detailed information about the ongoing transnational Call for innovation vouchers that will allow co-developing innovation projects in the field of Blue Growth in the amount of 10.000 EUR with Innovators and Knowledge Providers (RD&I bodies and “new innovation agents”, such as fablabs, co-working spaces, living labs, innovation hubs, etc.).

To participate in the Voucher Scheme, potential KPs were invited to register to the BLUE_BOOST KPs’ Gallery, where they will also have the chance to gain visibility at transnational level and broaden their professional network. Furthermore, participants were informed about the Blue Hackathon that will take place in Trieste on 18-19 June, tackling the topics of Environment & Coastal Protection, Smart Shipbuilding, and Maritime Transport & Yachting Services.

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