The Patras Science Park hosted in Patras (GR) the 3rd BLUE_BOOST Project Steering Committee meeting and 2nd Cross Field Visits on 4-5 December respectively. 

The meeting brought about new inputs on project activities and provided intense and thorough discussions among the Project Partners. The main aim and consequent result was outlining specific terms for the implementation of pilot activities in the involved Project Partner regions, particularly in view of the upcoming launch of the BLUE_BOOST Innovation Voucher Call. 

The Cross Field Visits represented an occasion for Project Partners and respective blue growth experts and companies to visit local aquaculture and fishery companies and to learn about their respective practice and related innovation challenges and opportunities (see links below).

The Project Partners also had the opportunity to learn first-hand about a few local spin-off companies that have been innovating successfully in the Blue Growth sector. One of them is TOBEA Ltd, a spin off company that recently patented a blue growth SEATRAC product, i.e. the first-in-the-world innovative device that offers disabled people autonomous sea access. Another one was Phee company, that designs practical and useful natural products from sea-grass Posidonia Oceanica.

A completely ‘new’ and inspiring experience for the BLUE_BOOST Consortium was the visit to POS4Work, the first co-working space in Patras. A co-working space belongs to the category of so-called ‘new innovation agents’ that stimulate innovation through an open source, knowledge sharing and community-based approach, which is exactly in line with the main aims of the BLUE_BOOST project.

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