Under the title “Europe: From the Atlantic to the Urals or between the Atlantic and the Urals?”, the XII International Forum of the Aquileia Euro-Region in Udine on 20-21 October, provided a platform for peaceful politics and the promotion of a united and strong Europe within the global order.

The presence of a Russian and a Ukrainian ambassador together with the OSCE Secretary General at the same table demonstrated the importance of the Forum organised by the Mitteleuropa Association.
Main topics of the forum were current issues Europe is facing today within the historical background of the developments since the fall of the iron curtain. In particular, strategies for civil empowerment and for boosting economic development were highly discussed. Special attention was also paid to non-EU countries where all CEI Member States were represented.
Among the prominent participants were also CEI Deputy Secretary General  and several high-ranked representatives from political, social, economic and cultural institutions as well as from European macro-areas and regions, together with scholars and experts from universities from Central Eastern European countries and the Balkans.
The Forum was co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.

Programme available here

from left: Alexandar Lukashevich; Mattia Pertoldi; Lamberto Zannier; Yevhen Perelygin