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GREEN bioMEthane market Uptake

Project status
EU Project

Biomethane is expected to contribute towards decarbonising the EU energy system as renewable gas. Its contribution strongly depends on the market & policy environment & societal acceptance. Member State policies should be adjusted and tailored to market needs. GreenMeUp aims to facilitate the wider market uptake of biomethane in the European energy and transport sectors by strengthening the market in countries with slow development rates.

GreenMeUp will, therefore:

a) analyse the framework conditions and market dynamics for biomethane production and uptake in the 10 most advanced European countries, including feedstock availability, current and emerging production routes and end-uses. The consortium will conduct analogous assessments in another 6 European countries (GR, ES, PL, LV, EE, CZ) and in one transnational area in the Danube region (HU-RO-RS) where the biogas sector is less developed and the potential still untapped. As a result, GreenMeUp will deliver comprehensive overviews of the existing market situation and future market trends in participating countries and Europe.

b) engage with local stakeholders to foster societal acceptance of biomethane through the involvement of relevant actors along the value chains.

c) design market uptake policies and financial frameworks to enhance the efficiency of biomethane markets in most advanced countries; specific attention will also be made to the replicability/uptake of proposed measures in less developed countries addressed by the project.

Based on the analyses and interaction with stakeholders, GreenMeUP will stimulate the development of more informed and targeted policies in participating countries and support them in building a robust, incentive-compatible bioCH4 market in their final energy consumption by 2030 and beyond.

The CEI will contribute to the implementation of the GreenMeUp project by coordinating the activities of the Danube region case study, as well as by reverberating project results throughout its constituency.

Circular Bioeconomy
CEI role
01/08/2022 - 31/07/2025
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