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Fruitful mid-term meeting of BIOLOC Project in Trieste

The CEI-Executive Secretariat is glad to share the exciting outcomes of the recently concluded mid-term meeting of the BIOLOC project (Biobased and social innovation to revitalise European local communities), which took place in Trieste on 20 March 2024. The meeting served as a platform for fruitful discussions and presentations, highlighting the progress achieved during the past months of project implementation.

The main deliverables of the project were presented, covering various  technical and transversal work packages. Representatives from partner organisations, including CEI Deputy Secretary General Zsuzsanna Kiràly, CEI Project Manager, Peter Canciani, Javier Martin-Membiela from REA – European Commission, and Project Advisory Board members, shared their valuable insights and updates.

The meeting also provided a great opportunity for networking and informal open discussions, encouraging active participation and exchange of ideas among the participants. It fostered a collaborative environment where thoughts and suggestions were shared in order to better understand interactions among all implemented and upcoming activities.

The successful mid-term meeting of the BIOLOC project signifies the commitment and dedication of all partners involved. The progress made and the constructive discussions held during the meeting serve as evidence to the project's advancement towards its goals.

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