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NAMIRS project partners unite for maritime safety training

In a significant display of cross-border collaboration, the Italian Coast Guard, in conjunction with NAMIRS partners from Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia, recently conducted a comprehensive two-day familiarisation training at Ronchi dei Legionari Airport near Trieste. This intensive session is part of the ongoing efforts to enhance preparedness and coordination in maritime accident response among these three partner countries.

On 24-25 October, the airport became a hub of activity as helicopters from the Italian Coast Guard took center stage. The transnational teams worked tirelessly to sharpen their skills and increase their readiness for a crucial exercise scheduled at sea, in the Gulf of Trieste on 20 November.

The training not only served as a valuable opportunity to learn from experienced professionals but also highlighted the dedication of these countries to collaborate effectively in the face of maritime challenges. By fostering a better-coordinated joint response, the participants aim to ensure the safety of their respective coastal regions.

This initiative emphasises the importance of regional cooperation and the sharing of expertise to secure the waters and protect the environment.

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