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MIMOSA contributes to improvement of Italy-Croatia cross-border connections: presentation of main achievements in Venice

On 14 October, the University of Ca Foscari in Venice, a partner of the MIMOSA project, presented the main achievements related to the improvement of cross-border connections between Italy and Croatia as well as studies performed in the framework of the project to reduce the carbon footprint and incentive Intermodality.

The CEI-ES presented the MIMOSA project complemented by case studies presented by the University of Rijeka, which highlighted how “railway and maritime transportation modes clearly have a lower carbon footprint impact than using road transportation by public or private means of transport”. Best practices were illustrated also by the Region Friuli Venezia-Giulia regarding specific initiatives to support intermodal transport and maritime connections developed by the region.

Highlights of the discussions were that dialogue was the basis for cross-border cooperation to find ways to learn from each other and face more future challenges at global, economic, environment and social level. EU programmes in that regard are key to help to identify and build solutions at international level.


MIMOSA is funded under the Interreg cross-border Italy-Croatia Programme. It aims at improving cross-border connections through sustainable and intermodal solutions, based on analysis and studies performed by the scientific partners. The CEI-ES coordinates the project activities and guides the consortium of 17 partners.

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