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ACSELL consortium meets in Trieste

On 30-31 March, the ACSELL Consortium, together with key regional stakeholders, gathered in Trieste for the ACSELL Project partner meeting.

The two-day event aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and mutual learning by analysing the optimal framework for supporting demand-driven innovation in the different regions— and at mutually reinforcing the different strategies for accelerating SME growth and innovative capacities.

On Day 1, the interregional workshop was organised with the objective to peer review the drafted action plans on how to improve innovation policy and create mutually beneficial value cases. It was also an opportunity to strengthen collaboration efforts and devise strategies for common action between all partners involved— as well as foster additional synergies with key stakeholders and organisations.

On Day 2, participants had the chance to experience a guided tour of selected facilities of AREA Science Park to ensure that the exchange of experience can be as effective as possible. The field visit was the perfect occasion to showcase a tangible example of the best Friuli Venezia Giulia landscape of demand-driven open innovation.

Thanks to the exchange of views and comprehensive feedback provided by all participants, the CEI will now draft its Action Plan aimed at supporting the internationalisation of Digital Innovation Hubs within the health sector and to adapt an evaluation methodology to be used for the co-creation of innovative products and services.

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