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TAAFE transnational conference for the promotion of an age-friendly environment in the Alpine space

In the framework of the TAAFE -Towards an Alpine Age-Friendly Environment project, the Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat participated in the virtual Transnational Conference on June 16th, aimed at promoting age-friendly environments to national and international stakeholders in the Alpine Space and discuss the challenges and results of a participatory project in the context of the pandemic.

Inspired by the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Cities and communities initiative, TAAFE connects 11 partners from 5 countries where five local communities decided to take action to strengthen the participation and social inclusion of senior citizens— aiming to enrich the overall quality of life of elderly people in the Alpine Space.

During the conference, Mr. Gian Matteo Apuzzo, CEI senior expert and project manager, presented the results of the baseline survey of the TAAFE evaluation activities, for the assessment of the multidimensional approach building a participatory framework for the development of an age-friendly environment and an improved delivery of services in the Alpine Space.

For the development of this integrated evaluation, around 100 people from all 5 TAAFE Countries were involved: 64 of them were older people, that are already participating in the TAAFE local pilot actions. The participants were invited to assess their past involvement in decision-making processes in relevant areas of intervention for age-friendly environments — with “Communication and information” and “Community support and health services” showing the highest level of involvement. In addition, elderly citizens also expressed their preferences concerning the sectors where they felt they could contribute and impact the most— with “Social participation” and “Respect and social inclusion” being the most chosen. The survey allowed for the development of a clear picture of the key areas for intervention to promote age-friendly cities and communities, that will be developed in the TAAFE pilot actions. Moreover, the evaluation model can be replicated by other organizations and territories interested in developing innovation in age-friendly communities, strengthening the reach and impact of the project's activities. 

To read and download the 5 national reports and the joint report of the TAAFE baseline evaluation please go to the TAAFE website

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