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CEI PD: ASG Nikoletti attends General Committee on Cultural Affairs in Budapest

The meeting of the General Committee on Cultural Affairs of the CEI Parliamentary Dimension was held in Budapest on 29 March, under the leadership of Mr. Richard Horcsik, Chairperson of the Committee and Head of the Hungarian Delegation to the CEI Parliamentary Dimension.

The participants discussed a comprehensive tourism policy to stimulate the competitiveness of the economy in a sustainable manner, preserving natural and environmental values for future generations in the CEI Member States. To this end, cross-border tourism has been identified as an excellent tool that also adds value to the CEI region’s economic development and fosters regional cooperation.

CEI Alternate Secretary General Antal Nikoletti outlined the CEI’s commitment towards these objectives and presented a set of actions that the Organisation undertook within its programmatic activities. Fostering intercultural cooperation and sustainable tourism through constructive dialogue and cultural exchange in all their tangible and intangible components is a key factor to contribute to mutual understanding between peoples, communities and countries, added Nikoletti in his introductory remarks.

As outlined in the conclusions of the meeting, participants also reached a common understanding on - the development of touristic regions and promotion of their sustainable development; the establishment of such a legislative environment and related system of organisations that allow the elaboration of individual guidelines for the certain destinations; the creation of different elements of supply in the form of touristic package; the improvement of destinations by increasing competitiveness, assortments and standards; education of all stakeholders at the local community level. 

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