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Opening of accessible-for-all exhibition “Stone by Stone” of the Maritime Museum of Piran, Slovenia

On 16 June, the CEI attended the launch of the new exhibition “Stone by Stone” of the Maritime Museum “Sergej Masera” of Piran, Slovenia, as Lead Partner of the EU project “COME-IN!” for the accessibility of Museums.

In line with the COME-IN! Guidelines, the Maritime museum and the Municipality of Piran - among the 14 project partners, have completed a set of infrastructural and communication interventions, funded by Interreg Central Europe Programme, launching a multisensorial and fully accessible exhibition dedicated to Roman Architecture in Northeastern Istria.

The interventions included tactile floor plans, 30 replicas of museum objects, translation of a guide on tablets in sign language, information in Braille for visually impaired people, an induction loop system for people with hearing impairment, the installation of additional measures such as handles next to the staircase to facilitate the physical access for people with mobility difficulties. Thanks to COME-IN! the Maritime Museum can now be placed alongside the large national museums in terms of accessibility.

Following the success of the interventions in the Maritime Museum, Piran will be carrying forward further improvements also in the Tonina House and the Salt Museum. As the director of the Museum, Franco Juri said, “Access to cultural heritage is a human right, which must be universal.”

The exhibition will be open until 25 February 2019 and the first two weeks are free of charge for all visitors.

For more information, please visit COME-IN! website.

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