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​Opening of accessible for all exhibition “Work is Invisible” of Arbeitswelt Museum in Steyr, Austria

As lead partner of the project COME-IN! (Cooperating for Open access to Museums – towards a widEr INclusion), the CEI attended the launch of the new exhibition “Work is invisible” of the Arbeitswelt Museum in Steyr, Austria. In line with the COME-IN! Guidelines, the museum - which is also one of the 14 partners of the project - has completed a set of infrastructural and communication interventions funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme, launching a powerful and fully accessible exhibition.

When we think of work we usually think of the visible aspects of it; factories, offices, machines, tools, computers, and people. But how, why and what are the feelings moving those people, stressing them or motivating them? What are the stories behind the tools and products that have shaped, directly and indirectly, our working lives over the past 150 years? How has technology evolved and how has it affected the way we work? What is awaiting us in the digital age?

Hosted in a former knife and weapon factory, this new multi-sensorial exhibition of the Arbeitswelt Museum of Steyr offers an immersive performance on the hidden stories of Work.

The exhibition will be free for the first two weeks and will offer adapted guided tours on demand as well as educational programmes.

More information available HERE

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