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First Meeting of Convention for Strengthening CEI charts new era of regional cooperation and integration

On 12 February 2024, in a strong appeal for unity and cooperation, CEI Secretary General Roberto Antonione, introduced and moderated the 1st meeting of the Convention for the Strengthening of the Central European Initiative in Trieste. His message was clear:

it is time for the CEI to chart a new path for regional solidarity and collaboration towards European integration, crucial in the collective pursuit of peace, stability, and prosperity in Central and South Eastern Europe.

It is in this setting that the high representatives of CEI Parliaments and Governments gathered for the inaugural meeting of the Convention marking a significant step forward in advancing the Organisation’s main mission which underscores a commitment to European integration and sustainable development across its Member States.

Guided by the Executive Secretariat, the extensive agenda of the meeting - aimed at promoting a definition of objectives for a political path more suited to the current geopolitical challenges for the future of the InCE - witnessed a constructive dialogue among the numerous participants.
All delegations emphasised the importance of multilateral partnerships and expressed confidence that the Convention would pave the way for a stronger and more resilient Organisation. There was a collective call for a more robust CEI stance on supporting EU enlargement and enhancing cooperation with EU institutions.

The exchange of views will continue in further sessions which will focus on strengthening structures and instruments, and on consolidating inputs to form a shared political opinion. The final gathering will be held in Rome which is expected to conclude with recommendations for future action.

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