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4th edition of Rainer Maria Rilke International Literary Prize Competition presented at CEI HQ

Today the CEI-Executive Secretariat hosted the presentation of the 4th edition of the Rainer Maria Rilke International Literary Prize Competition.
The gathering was opened by Deputy Secretary General Zsuzsanna Kiraly who underlined that promoting intercultural cooperation was a CEI core priority and was, therefore, proud to be able to support the event. She especially expressed appreciation for the opportunity presented by the Rilke Prize, acknowledging its role in promoting poetry as a means of creative expression and communication that fosters dialogue, respect for the diversity of cultural expressions and good
neighbourly relations.


Rainer Maria Rilke (Prague, December 4, 1875 - Les Planches, December 29, 1926), was an Austrian writer, poet and playwright of Bohemian origin. Author of works in both prose and poetry, he is most famous for the Duino Elegies (begun during a stay in Duino).

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