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NAMIRS consortium meeting on state-of-play of project activities

On 23 September, the Consortium of the  CEI-led project NAMIRS gathered in Portoroz, Slovenia to examine the state-of-play of ongoing and future project activities, six months after its kick-off.

The main activities developed so far have focused on the analysis of the state of art of the North Adriatic Sea, its vulnerability and the available resources to activate in case of incident at sea to face environmental pollution on the cross-border and transnational level. Vinko Bandelj from the OGS – National Institute of Oceanography and applied Geophysics, presented the latest activities performed in terms of identification of the risk of accidents, oil spill-simulations performed by OGS, coastal and sea use analysis and examination of the vulnerability of coastal and sea areas, with a focus as well on the perceived risk and its prioritization by local and regional stakeholders from the three countries.

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