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CEI-ES delegation meets Bujar Osmani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia

On 15 March, a delegation from the CEI-Executive Secretariat headed by Secretary General Roberto Antonione met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani in Skopje. 

Discussions primarily focused on the importance of regional cooperation, and thus of the role regional organisations play in the European integration process, especially in supporting the CEI Western Balkan countries on their path to the European Union.

Eventually, the interlocutors had the opportunity to exchange views on the dramatic situation in Ukraine, in particular regarding the consequences this conflict could have on the region and, more in general, on regional cooperation.

Against this backdrop, the two counterparts agreed that the main issues to be dealt with in the upcoming period were: mitigating the consequences of the war, and consolidating the region. 

Concerning the intergovernmental dimension, the interlocutors underlined the enhancement of direct communication and cooperation between the Secretariat and the CEI Member States, including the collaboration with national institutions; in this regard, they also agreed to stay in close contact keeping communication channels open, also in the framework of the Bulgarian CEI Presidency. 

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