If you work in the field of Justice, Law Enforcement, Prisons, and Investigations, we kindly encourage you to share your experience with us by answering our survey (completely anonymous) designed in the framework of the EU project PRE-RIGHTS. It aims at gathering deeper insight into practitioners’ perspectives, regarding the enforcement of preventive measures in case of radicalisation and violent extremism leading to terrorism.

PRE-RIGHTS is a transnational project funded by the European Union's Justice Programme which aims at promoting a balanced approach to judicial and police cooperation in line with the provisions of the EU Security Agenda on prevention; achieving coherence between new hybrid investigations in 'intelligence-led police approach' and EIO/EAW to prevent excessive de-judicialisation; fostering compatibility of preventive security measures in prison in line with the provisions of the Framework Decisions 2008/909/947/829/JHA to prevent de-socialisation; implementing the EU Security Agenda from a judicial perspective and assessing the prevention policies and practices on MLAs and the Brexit Transition.


For more info: pappas@cei.int