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Committee of National Coordinators meet in Trieste

The fifth Committee of National Coordinators’ meeting, under the Croatian CEI Presidency, took place at the CEI Headquarters in Trieste on 4 October 2018.

The gathering began with a visit to the Scientific Centres based in Trieste, in order to give participants the chance to learn more about the CEI’s long-standing cooperation with the scientific centres, thus get acquainted with the opportunities offered by these centres to the countries of the region as well as their activities in the context of the Euro Science Open Forum – ESOF, to be held in Trieste in 2020. 

The afternoon session focused on recent and forthcoming events of both the CEI Presidency and of the Secretariat. In particular, the Presidency presented the outcome of the informal MFA Meeting at the margins of the UN General Assembly (New York, 26 September 2018) and the latest organisational, protocol and logistics regarding the forthcoming Meeting of the Heads of Government of the CEI Member States - CEI Summit (Zagreb, 3-4 December 2018), planned to be held in conjunction with the CEI Business Forum. Strengthening relations with Member States and International Institutions were also on top of the agenda.

Finally, the CNC approved 3 Technical cooperation projects, targeting all the non-EU CEI Member States in priority sectors such as Transport, Energy and Capacity Building/Policy dialogue, with 595,000 EUR, supported through the CEI Fund at the EBRD financed by Italy. Moreover, the CNC approved 6  KEP projects with 228,057 EUR, also supported through the CEI Fund at the EBRD financed by Italy, and 2 KEP projects with 40,000 EUR supported by Poland.

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