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COME-IN!: 2nd thematic conference in Erfurt "Inclusive museums - challenges & solutions, state-of-the-art & perspectives"

The second thematic conference “The inclusive museum - State of the art & perspectives” organised in the framework of the EU project “COME-IN!” project where the CEI acts as Lead Partner, took place on 26 June 2018 at the Monastery of St. Augustine in Erfurt, Germany.

This event gathered experts and stakeholders from all over Europe and aimed at outlining the current picture and perspectives of inclusion and accessibility as essential tasks for museum makers. Important questions in this regard were raised and potential paths and approaches to shape this challenge were demonstrated. The COME-IN! Guidelines for inclusive museums and first experiences of their practical implementation were presented and discussed.

This thematic conferences followed the one launched on 9 November 2017 entitled "Inclusive museums - challenges and solutions" in the Archaeological Museum Udine, Italy. The goal of that conference was exploring the opportunities, but also the potential limits for the creation of inclusive museums and furthermore to present the main Come-In!-achievements developed, in particular, the Come-In!-guidelines and the Handbook for operators to create accessible museums and exhibitions. Attended by more than 100 participants the conference provided great insights for museums carrying out interventions to increase their accessibility.

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