The AREA Science Park, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, the Embassy of Hungary in Rome and ELI-ALPS jointly organised an information day at the AREA Science Park in Trieste on 12 May 2016. 

The Hungarian ELI-ALPS Laser Centre - a unique European research centre, focused on making the shortest, most intense laser pulses at the highest repetition rate - was presented to the Trieste-based international scientific community.
Italian and Slovenian companies were invited to discover a broad spectrum of cooperation possibilities with the ELI-ALPS research centre. The Information Day in particular introduced the scientific mission and the applied research technologies of the facility and the science park.
In the opening welcome speeches the event hosts highlighted their expectations to gain long-term mutual advantages through future cooperation and their commitment to fostering the application of scientific innovations in the industrial sphere.
Presentations about the ELI-ALPS project and Science Park were delivered by representatives of ELI-Hungary and of the University of Szeged:
During the event participants also had B2B networking time to discuss possible future partnerships with the representatives of ELI-ALPS.
CEI Deputy Secretary General, Couns. Erik Csernovitz, in his closing remarks highlighting the long-standing cooperation relations between the CEI and the Centres of Excellence in Trieste through its Science and Technology Network and called for future partnerships.
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​Video on event and presentations: