The last meeting of the Committee of National Coordinators (CNC) under the Macedonian CEI Presidency 2015 was held in Skopje on 17 December 2015. On that occasion, participants took stock of the numerous activities and events organised throughout the year both by the Presidency and the CEI Secretariat.

Special attention was paid to strengthening relations with the EU and its institutions as well as to cooperation with other international and regional organisations.

During the gathering, 22 Cooperation Activities, supported by the CEI Cooperation Fund were approved with 166,177 EUR.

With regard to the recent Extraordinary Call for Proposals 2015 for co-financing Cooperation Activities: Migration and Related Security Issues, 11 out of 20 proposals resulting as eligible for co-financing were also approved with 96,445 EUR.

The CNC endorsed the CEI Secretariat’s proposal to address the third edition of the Advanced Training Programme for Young Officials to two young diplomats from MFAs of CEI Member States. They will assist in the numerous institutional activities envisaged for next year, i.e the preparation of the new Plan of Action (2017-2020), celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the CEI secretariat, strengthening relations with a number of international and regional organisations, increasing the CEI’s visibility, etc. The Call for this Programme will be launched by the end of the year and will remain open until February 2016.

The CEI Member States praised the Macedonian Presidency and expressed their full support to the incoming Bosnian Presidency.

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