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Committee of National Coordinators meets in Istanbul

The third Committee of National Coordinators (CNC) meeting under the Moldovan CEI Presidency took place in Istanbul on 30 May at the premises of the Permanent International Secretariat of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC PERMIS). It followed the Coordination meeting between the BSEC and the CEI at Troika and Secretariat level.

The Coordinators' session focused on cooperation between the CEI and other regional organisations. For a possible interaction with the BSEC in areas and countries of common interest, the meeting featured presentations from the BSEC representatives: Ms Rositsa Stoeva, Executive Manager in charge of Project Management and Cooperation with International and Regional Organizations; and Mr Sergii Kravchenko, Project Coordinator also in charge of the Working Group on Transport and other transport related bodies. They presented the project activities in particular in areas such as environment and transport, of which the CNC took note.

The CNC also discussed the possibilities to provide further assistance to Ukraine, through focused activities. The elaboration of the new CEI Plan of Action and the utilisation of the CEI Cooperation Fund, taking into account the recent suggestions received from the Member States, were also discussed.

The CEI Moldovan Presidency then presented its recent and upcoming activities. Likewise, the CEI-ES presented some of its most recent activities as well as those in the framework of the CEI funds, programmes, and projects.

Albania officially announced that it would take over the CEI Presidency in 2024.

The next CNC meeting will be held in autumn.

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