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Albanian presidency sets agenda on European integration, tourism and culture, health and political cooperation

The 1st Committee of National Coordinators Meeting under the Albanian CEI Presidency 2024 at the CEI headquarters in Trieste on 29 February, unveiled a comprehensive agenda of the Presidency aimed at advancing regional cooperation and sustainable development across various sectors.

In outlining its priorities, Albania placed significant emphasis on European integration, tourism, culture, health, and parliamentary cooperation within the CEI region. In particular, it reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine on their path towards EU integration, highlighting the importance of maintaining momentum; it pledged to promote tourism and culture by showcasing the diverse attractions of the CEI region; and emphasised the need to ensuring universal access to healthcare and to aligning with European Health Union regulations. Parliamentary cooperation was highlighted as essential for democratic governance and the EU integration process in the Western Balkans.

The Albanian Presidency's agenda reflects its commitment to fostering regional cooperation for European integration and sustainable development within the CEI framework, setting the stage for meaningful collaboration among Member States.

The meeting also commemorated the two-year anniversary since Russia's aggression against Ukraine, recalling the political support and tangible activities undertaken so far, and envisaging further support. In this context, the CEI Member States reiterated their condemnation without reservation to the continuous Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and its destruction of civilian objects, infrastructure, cultural and sacred heritage sites of the country; commended the determination of the people of Ukraine who have been courageously protecting their freedom for two years; and expressed solidarity with Ukraine's independence, peace and freedom.

The Member States expressed their continuous solidarity with Ukraine and their further support to the country.

A series of events and activities are scheduled to be organised under the new Chairmanship, including Ministerial Meetings in Tirana and New York, along with initiatives across parliamentary, economic, and local dimensions.

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