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CEI attends Summit on EU energy challenges in Brussels

Two hundred participants - among which high-level representatives from Governments, the European Commission, industry, academia, specialised and Non-Governmental Organisations as well as top independent experts - gathered in Brussels, on 14 November, at the Summit on EU Energy Challenges for a global debate on “How innovation may fill the gap”. The event was organised by SCIENCE|BUSINESS, an authoritative agency based in Brussels promoting cooperation in the fields of research, innovation and business.
Dominique Ristori, Director General for Energy at the EC, opened the gathering with a keynote/introductory speech recalling the challenges Europe is currently facing.

The topics addressed from a broad spectrum of positions in several parallel sessions, covered biofuels/biomass, other renewables (solar/wind), the grid, carbon capture and sequestration and low carbon cars and innovation in resource efficiency.
Recommendations and conclusions focused on a “New Order for Energy Research and Development” in Europe and across the Atlantic as well as on prospects for a fruitful cooperation with China. In this context, participants took into account optimal requirements for an EU Energy Policy, starting from an analysis of the 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy.
The Special Advisor to the CEI Secretary General, Giorgio Rosso Cicogna described the current CEI promotion strategy of awareness building and research activities, carried out in the framework of the CEI Plan of Action. In this context, he recalled that at their last meeting in Trieste in September, the CEI Ministers for Science and Technology had asked the Secretariat to convey, early in 2015, a special event on the development of advanced biofuels and their impact on the Environment.
Among the topics discussed, the Head of Unit for Renewable Energy Sources at the EC-DG for Research and Innovation, Paul Verhoef, emphasised the extraordinary potential for advanced biofuels represented by the CEI countries and the need to identify appropriate actions in order to facilitate their full exploitation.
In his closing remarks, David Eyton, Head of the Technology Group at BP, expressed full satisfaction with the outcome of the event, which succeeded in putting together the best expertise available in Europe at a very important time: when the new European Commission is about to start its activities and get ready to take essential decisions for the Energy Future of Europe.
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