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Webinar Series on Application of Ionising Radiation for Sterilisation of Medical Equipment

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The CEI-funded project through the COVID-19 Extraordinary Call "Dissemination of the Knowledge on Application of Ionising Radiation for Sterilisation of Medical Equipment, Personal Protection Equipment and the other Microbiologically Infected Objects"  implemented by the Polish Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology is organizing the following webinars:

  • 10.00 am: Lecture 1: Ionizing radiation sources used in the process of radiation sterilization (Dr. Zbigniew Zimek)
  • 10.50 am: Lecture 2: Microbiological aspects of the process of radiation sterilization with the emphasis of virus sterilization possibility (Dr . Sylwester Sommer)
  • 11.30 am: Lecture 3: Ionising radiation influence on the physicochemical and functional properties of the materials (DSc eng. Krystyna Cieśla)
  • 12.20 am: Lecture 4: Radiation sterilization of medical equipment, personal protection equipment, and the other microbiologically infected objects (Dr. eng. Andrzej Rafalski)

The webinars will provide insights to students, academic teachers, doctors, and health operators who want to learn about the diverse types of sterilisation with the use of ionizing radiation.

More info:,

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