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Trieste (Italy)

On 9-12 April, 40 experts from different European Regions are visiting the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region (FVG) in Italy to take part in the 9th Peer Review meeting of the project ITHACA.

The project - funded under the Interreg Europe Programme - aims at fostering innovation in health and care at regional level in various European countries.   

Experts from Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Slovenia, France, Spain, and Germany will have the chance to visit the main institutions involved in the regional health and innovation ecosystem (e.g. AREA science Park, IT IS, the Health Care Instution), in order to identify and assess best practices in the FVG Region. Feedback from experts from all sectors involved in health systems at European level will allow to improve regional policies on development and smart health for more efficient health systems.

The CEI-Executive Secretariat as Project Partner of ITHACA, is taking care of the communication, organisation of events and administrative issues on behalf of the Region FVG.

The event, which is also part of Pro-ESOF events (Euroscience Open Forum 2020 in Trieste) will take place at the CEI HQ on 9 April and will be attended by regional ministers and representatives for research and health.

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