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Turismo culturale all'insegna di Giuseppe Tartini - Kulturni turizem v znamenju Giuseppeja Tartinija- Cultural tourism under the banner of Giuseppe Tartini

Project status
EU Project

tARTini was co-financed by the INTERREG Programme Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020. Access to the work of Giuseppe Tartini, the great musician from Pirano/Piran, was globally enhanced by digitalising his legacy and creating a new cross-border itinerary of sustainable tourism in the Northern Adriatic region.

The CEI-ES designed, co-ordinated and managed the communication strategy. 

Main project outputs are the site and the Tartini Route, connecting Piran and Padua along the milestones of Tartini’s life. Other results were the restoration of Casa Tartini, his family house; Tartini’s Room at the Conservatory in Trieste; execution and registration of many concerts of Tartini and pupils, featuring his School of Nations in Padua; the Epistolary where letters with players of the Enlightenment were first issued; the guidelines for cultural policy to promoting the brand Discover Tartini as a tourism booster.

The 330° anniversary of Tartini’s birth is praised by great events organised by the Project Partners and sponsored by the Slovenian Government who claimed 2022 “Tartini’s Year”.

Intercultural cooperation
CEI role
01/10/2017 - 30/08/2022
CEI quota

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