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GreenPATH Project Kicks off in Bologna

The GreenPATH project (Green mobility solutions for Pioneering Actions Towards a Healthy and sustainable commuting), led by the Institute for Transport and Logistics (ITL, Italy), was officially   launched in Bologna on 22-23 May. Chosen from 280 applications, GreenPATH will be supported -  under the Interreg Central Europe Programme - with a total funding value of 2,365,016 EUR.

GreenPATH aims to promote sustainable commuting in Central Europe's functional urban areas (FUAs) over its 2.5-year duration. The project will analyse commuting mobility patterns, develop innovative sustainable commuting solutions, and engage stakeholders through awareness campaigns to encourage a shift towards sustainable transport. The project brings together partners from across Central Europe to tackle common transport challenges and promote a greener, more sustainable future.

The kick-off meeting brought together partners from 10 regions to outline objectives and establish a collaborative environment. Discussions covered the project’s work plan, pilot activities, and detailed presentations on the main work packages, including identifying commuting challenges, co-designing solutions, and policy integration strategies.

A Steering Committee was formed to ensure effective governance, and agreements were made on quality standards and reporting procedures. The meeting also emphasised collaboration with related projects such as  DREAM_PACE and SUSTANCE and set communication goals for the project.

Andrea Bardi, ITL Director, stated that the launch of GreenPATH is a pivotal moment for sustainable transport in Central Europe, aiming to make a significant difference in the communities involved.

For more information:  GreenPATH website or contact Paolo Dileno at | +39 040 7786 769.

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