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CEI at 'Ramogepol 2024 Versiliana' exercise: preparing for new EU-funded Adriatic marine protection project

The CEI-Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES) recently concluded (Viareggio, 30 May 2024) its role as an observer at the “Ramogepol 2024 Versiliana,” the recent exercise at sea and on shore conducted within the framework of the Ramoge agreement – the international agreement between France, Monaco, and Italy aimed at strengthening cooperation for the preservation of the marine environment since 1976.

The exercise involved several naval and aerial units from the three countries, totaling over 100 participants. Representatives from Italy's Ministry of Environment and Energy successfully led the exercise, which aimed at coordinating operations both at sea and on shore. The Civil Protection, together with volunteers from LegAmbiente, participated in the simulation of the pollutant collection that reached the beaches of Pietrasanta, near Viareggio, which hosted the overall event.

The CEI-ES monitored the exercise, gathering essential know-how to be transferred to Adriatic partners who will cooperate with the Organisation in implementing a new EU-funded project, the ASAP project, starting in September 2024. ASAP (Adriatic Sensitive Areas Protection mechanism) will extend the NAMIRS Project (North Adriatic Maritime Incident Response System) methodology to the entire Adriatic Sea, setting the framework for the implementation of the new “Adriatic Marine Pollution Incident Contingency Plan” among Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

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