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Anti-corruption course with North Macedonian officials held in Rome

The Luiss School of Government and the Luiss School of Law brought a delegation of public officials from North Macedonia to Rome on 4-8 September to participate in a course on preventing and combating corruption in public administration.

The project titled “Executive Program - Countering Corruption within Public Administration Through Transparency” is supported under the Know-how Exchange Programme financed by Italy through the CEI Fund at the EBRD.

The course addressed critical issues such as public procurement, administrative transparency, accountability in administrative processes as well as digital administration. It involved civil servants both on-line and in person in Italy (Rome). This programme responds to a growing need for legal and technical skills in preventing the negative consequences of organised crime and corruption.

The Office of the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia played a key role in facilitating collaboration with esteemed Italian training institutions to strengthen the capacity of public administration in these areas.

Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella, professor of Administrative Law at Luiss and director of the programme, explained the course objectives, stating the goal was capacity building, strengthening administrative capabilities of systems such as North Macedonia's, which “has made significant strides in its institutional framework and administrative system”. He added that the project "primarily focused on themes related to digital administration, modernisation, administrative simplification and corruption prevention, conflict of interest regulation, and rules of conduct for public servants."

Reflecting on the experience of  Elena Dimovska, one of the participants and project beneficiaries, she said, "This was a valid opportunity to refresh theoretical knowledge but also to exchange opinions and discuss common topics to prevent and fight corruption with the major academic and legal experts in Italy". Slavica Zherajiki also undelined that: "This was an opportunity for all of us, for all institutions involved to gain more knowledge and experience and to exchange views in our common fight against organized crime and corruption. For this thank you for the opportunity, we are really satisfied."

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