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Supporting displaced Ukrainian women and promoting their empowerment: a manifesto from CEI region

The professional women from the CEI countries who participated in the Equal Pay Day conference, held in Prague on 31 March-2 April, elaborated a document called “A manifesto of NGOs from the CEI region to collaborate on women’s empowerment in response to the impact of the war in Ukraine”. The action was carried out under the guidance of the Business and Professional Women CR (BPWCR) organising the Prague conference.

The document is an appeal meant to raise awareness about the consequences of the war on Ukrainian women who had to move abroad and the challenges of their socio-economic inclusion in the host countries. The document particularly highlights issues such as access to the labour market and employment; the equal pay based on work performed; the participation in formal and non-formal education and training; the involvement in decision-making positions across the political; economic and social spheres.

This is indeed a good example of a collaboration initiated during a CEI-supported event, eventually resutling in a shared commitment towards a worthy action.

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