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Original Boost Bootcamp empowering young female entrepreneurs

The Novak Djokovic Foundation in Belgrade has recently hosted the Original Boost – Young Entrepreneur Bootcamp on 24-25 May 2024.

This innovative training programme, designed specifically for young female entrepreneurs, took place under the auspices of the Original platform, an initiative aimed at fostering entrepreneurial spirit and skills among young people, especially women.

The weekend camp brought together a diverse group of aspiring female entrepreneurs and lecturers from across the region. Twenty participants engaged in a series of intensive workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities, all tailored to equip them with the tools necessary to succeed in their business ventures.

Through this initiative, Original platform continues to provide the resources, knowledge, and confidence young women need to bring their business ideas to life.

The training featured esteemed speakers and successful entrepreneurs – PhD Tijana Prodanovic (Dr Cosmic Ray), Zoja Kukic (IT entrepreneur), Marija Beslac (Head of Communications, Nordeus Foundation), Sanja Arsić (Social Media Marketing expert, DCI), Sara Babić (Content Marketing lecturer), Ana Mirkovic (psychologist and digital communications expert), Bojana Jovanic Hajialexandrou (Business Analyst at Lloyd Banking, London) among others - who shared their experiences and insights, covering key topics such as business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and leadership skills. The camp also included hands-on activities and collaborative projects, fostering a supportive community and encouraging peer learning.

Participants left the camp inspired and equipped with practical skills and a renewed sense of confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The success of the Original Boost bootcamp marks a significant step forward in the mission to create a thriving ecosystem for female entrepreneurs in the region.

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