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Italian delegation to CEI Parliamentary Assembly visits Executive Secretariat

On 8 June, the newly-elected President of the Italian Delegation to CEI Parliamentary Assembly, Salvatore Caiata, visited the CEI-Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES) in Trieste, together with Senators Raffaele De Rosa and Roberto Menia, and with Isabella De Monte from the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

They met with CEI Secretary General, Roberto Antonione, and the Deputy Secretaries General Ivana Holoubková, Nina Kodelja and Zsuzsanna Kiràly who, together with the Senior Officers of the Secretariat, presented the major instruments, funds, projects and activities, through which the CEI fulfills its mission – fostering European integration and sustainable development. Particular attention was paid to the actions undertaken by the Organisation to deal with the current challenges of the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the recent pandemic. In this framework, cooperation activated with other international and regional organisations was highlighted as an added value to be pursued further.

The role of the Executive Secretariat as an instrument providing support to the CEI Dimensions - Governmental, Parliamentary, Economic and Local - was particularly emphasised.

“Today's meeting gives us the opportunity to launch a debate on our Organisation as an effective instrument contributing to regional cooperation and multilateralism in Europe playing an incisive role in supporting the enlargement process. These issues will be the subject of a meeting to be held in Trieste on 13 October with the participation of the presidents of the foreign commissions of the parliaments of the CEI countries together with the presidents of the national CEI delegations. The Italian Foreign Minister Tajani has already expressed his willingness to attend this important event”, SG Antonione said.

President Caiata underlined the crucial role the CEI played in Europe and the enduring relevance of its mission from the geopolitical point of view, confirming Italy’s commitment to endorsing the CEI’s objectives.

“The CEI Parliamentary Dimension highly contributes to promoting dialogue and cooperation among the CEI Member States”, he said.

Appreciation was expressed by all members of the Italian Delegation for the overall activities of the CEI-ES and the beneficial exchange of information.

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