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Parliamentary Dimension: General Committee on Economic Affairs in Bucharest debates economic consequences of war in Ukraine for CEI countries

Parliamentary Delegations from CEI Member States gathered in Bucharest, Romania, on 27-28 March for the meeting of the General Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Rozália-Ibolya Biró, Head of the Romanian Delegation to the CEI Parliamentary Dimension (PD).

Participants actively contributed to the debate sharing views and experiences on the theme “The economic consequences of the war in Ukraine for CEI countries” with presentations of their national situations and inputs for enhancing mutual assistance as regards Ukraine.

The need for macroeconomic measures to face the economic effects of the war was particularly highlighted as well as the role of bilateral relations and regional cooperation in the framework of the CEI. This, especially in view of the recovery and reconstruction phase which will require efficient, coordinated actions to address the dramatic consequences of the war.

Keynote speeches were delivered by the representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Economy, emphasising the country’s full support to Ukraine as well as providing highlights on the measures implemented by the government to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis especially affecting key sectors such as supply chains and logistics infrastructure.

“Opportunities for dialogue and reflection like those provided within the CEI Parliamentary Dimension are particularly relevant for strengthening the partnership among CEI countries and convey substantial messages to the Governmental Dimension” said Rozália-Ibolya Biró, Head of the Romanian Delegation to the CEI PD.

CEI Deputy Secretary General Ivana Holoubková recalled the CEI actions in reaction to the Russian aggression to Ukraine, both at political and project level, providing concrete assistance to the country in need. “Cooperation and sharing experiences, opinions and solution is crucial to face the massive shock on the energy and food markets caused by the war,” she also added.

Solidarity with Ukraine and its people was expressed by all delegations, underling the assistance and support actions promoted until now, as well as the commitment to contribute to the future international, long-term effort to reconstruct Ukraine.

The Ukrainian delegation expressed its gratitude for the overall cooperative approach and highly appreciated the open and friendly discussions held within the CEI Parliamentary Dimension.

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