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CEI-supported Ukrainian educational hub opens in Poland

Supporting the integration into the local community of the Ukrainian refugees who had to move to Poland due to the war is the mission of the Ukrainian Educational Hub  opened in Poland, Warsaw, on 25 July.

This Hub is part of the overall project “Creation of a network of Ukrainian Educational Hubs” promoted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Institute for the Modernization of the Content of Education, and the Association of Innovative and Digital Education.

The Hub assists students in maintaining continuity with their education in line with the Ukrainian system and offers various training opportunities to young people and adults in areas such as languages (Ukrainian, Polish, English), soft skills, information technology, and career guidance. Considering the emergency, psychological aid to war-affected people is also offered by professionals.

The Hub also serves as a communication platform providing useful, updated information especially concerning the integration of Ukrainians into the Polish education institutions as well as the availability of employment opportunities. 

The official opening of the Hub was attended (online) by the Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science, Serhii Shkarlet, who highlighted the main features of the project and the relevance for the Ukrainians temporarily living abroad.

Participants were welcomed by Mariya Boguslav, coordinator of the network of Ukrainian Educational Hubs, executive director of the Association of Innovation and Digital education, and Stanislav Kutsenko, advisor to the Head of the Institute for Modernisation of Educational Content. Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland and of the City Hall of Warsaw also joined the event.

The CEI was represented by Barbara Fabro, Senior Executive Officer, and Robert Szadurski on behalf of the CEI National Coordinator of Poland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since the beginning, when the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine submitted a request for support, the CEI has welcomed the mission of the project, that is providing assistance to Ukraine affected by a huge emergency due to the war. A contribution from the CEI Cooperation Fund was approved for the launching of the Educational Hub in Poland, a CEI member country with a great number of Ukrainian refugees, in view of further developing the project in other countries with additional donors and partners.


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