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4th Green Transition Seminar on maritime operations: future skills

The 4th seminar of the cycle of meetings on “Green Jobs” took place at the CEI headquarters, with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region (FVGAR) and that of the MARE FVG. The event focused on maritime professions and presented the needs for professional skills in an open dialogue between training institutions, the Port Authority and companies in the sector, highlighting the numerous challenges the ecological and digital transition would bring to the maritime sector.

Developing skills and abilities of maritime professionals, technologies on board and, above all, gaining transversal skills of seafarers in leadership and management will have to be the basis of the new training programmes aimed at both promoting careers on board and supporting the transition to an onshore career.

The goal is to create professional profiles with a broader reach in the digital and sustainability sectors, bridging the current gaps.

The seminars will continue as of 15 September

These higher education seminars - attended by key players linked to maritime and transport sector, in particular with focus on the ports of the North Adriatic - are promoted by the CEI together with the ARFVG, and in cooperation with Maritime Technology Cluster FVG, MARE FVG, The Nautical Academy, the CFLI - Intermodal Logistics Training Center, and Adriaferr.

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