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TEACHBACK programme - teaching the teachers held in Macedonia

The TEACHBACK Programme - teaching the teachers, developing the methods of education and learning in the field of contemporary performing arts (dance) - took place on 21 - 28 August at the Scout Centre in Ohrid, Macedonia. The event was organised as part of the Nomad Dance Academy Summer through two main programme lines: Workshops and Discussions/Presentations.
The programme included several workshops which gave participants the chance to share different teaching methodologies such as the transdisciplinary approach and the use of diverse media in relation to the creation, exploration of seeing and walking, of written materials and films. The participants received information on relational teaching, or how to teach and at the same time share the knowledge from different backgrounds.
Discussions and presentations were also held in order to exchange views and experiences on education policies in each represented country. Various contexts were taken into account and the needs for nonformal education and its relation to formal educational systems were analysed.
Starting from the specific situation in each country on days 1 and 2, the participants  - together with the moderators - tried to recognise and discuss the lacks, needs and potentials in contemporary dance education.They also reviewed the cultural and educational policies which concern contemporary dance, as well as institutional analyses (educational and cultural) where education as formal and informal is enacted.
During the working sessions, the participants also discussed new models of regional collaboration that will offer an innovative contemporary dance education programme. This programme was created as a response to the artistic needs of the field but also to the political context of contemporary art.
This programme was co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.


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