More than 60 people from various regional institutions took part in the seminar held at the Vinnytsia Regional Center for Training (know-how recipient) in Ukraine on 10 May 2016.

The event, organised in the framework of the KEP ITALY project WASTE MGMT in Vinnytsia – Capacity building and transfer of knowledge for increasing and improving professional skills in waste management in the Region of Vinnytsia  by the Italian and Ukrainian partners, focused on the Waste Management situation in the Vinnytsia Region.
The Italian know-how providers, Contarina spa and Scuola Agraria di Monza, introduced Contarina’s waste management model to the participants, which has reached a level of excellency in recycling rates and waste prevention and is recognised as a best practice model from the European Commission. The Scuola Agraria Parco di Monza presented an overview of technology in waste management in light of the EU waste policy and EU policy and vision on “Waste management from a global vision to local practice”.
A visit to a local waste processing site was arranged where 400.000 tons of recyclable waste is treated each year.
The 18-month project is co-financed through a grant within the CEI Know How Exchange Programme (KEP ITALY) in the framework of the CEI Fund at the EBRD, fully contributed by Italy. The CEI grant amounts to 39,755 EUR out of a total project cost of around 79,714 EUR.
The event brought about ample national and local media coverage.
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