Fifty scientists from institutions located in ten CEI Member Countries, and representatives from the CEI Science and Technology Network took part in a Workshop on "Various Instruments to Support Research in Less performing Countries" on 5 February in Trieste. The event was organised by the Central European Initiative in cooperation with the Directorates for Research and Innovation and for the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission.

The Workshop focused on possible contributions from the European Commission for the implementation of pilot activities within CEI-PRAISE, a Framework Programme to promote Research, Technology Transfer and Innovation in all CEI Member Countries, by directly involving centers of excellence and other advanced research groups from these countries.

Among the various opportunities described in detail, Stefan Weiers from the European Commission - Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, illustrated the new Twinning Programme and other actions in the context of  “Widening and Spreading Excellence” activities within Horizon 2020. Under the Twinning Programme, any of the eighty CEI-PRAISE partners could twin with a Centre of Excellence of the CEI Science and Technology Network in Trieste and with an institute of the JRC in order to implement pilot activities in the framework of CEI-PRAISE.

Luciana Zanier and Alessandro Fazio illustrated the possibilities for cooperation offered by the JRC, with specific reference to the Danube and Adriatic Ionian Strategies, where JRC is strongly committed to providing scientific support.

The workshop was followed by a visit to the Elettra Sincrotrone and Fermi Free Electron Laser Laboratories and to the University of Trieste. Other participants met in smaller disciplinary groups to identify concrete activities in order to either start or enhance cooperation within the scientific projects envisaged within the CEI-PRAISE Programme.

Special Advisor to CEI Secretary General, Giorgio Rosso Cicogna, on behalf of the Organisation,  expressed full satisfaction for the outcome of the workshop “as it did provide CEI-PRAISE partners, in Trieste as well as in Member Countries with practical information on various European instruments for the impleemtation of pilot activities of the CEI-PRAISE Programme".

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