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CEI KEP AUSTRIA: maximising leverage effect of complementary initiatives in field of renewable energy

In order to further strengthen economic and social development in its non-EU members, the CEI is promoting synergies between the EU-funded project ener2i and the KEP AUSTRIA Project Innovation stimulation for Moldovan SMEs in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies (CEI-ener2i-MD) promoted by the Austrian Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI).
CEI-ener2i-MD proactively addresses a number of critical issues for Moldova regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy, support to SMEs and capacity building, benefitting the Agency of Innovation and Technology Transfer of Moldova (AITT) and the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (ODIMM)
In this framework, a Workshop on Innovation in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy took place at the premises of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in Chisinau, on 10 December 2014. The activity - tailored to promote knowledge transfer from academia to the business community - focused on the governance and financing of energy innovations, new approaches to innovation, bio-resource utilisation, and energy efficiency in buildings. The CEI presented its activities in the field of Research and Innovation, Renewable Energy and the Bioeconomy, with specific focus on ongoing EU-funded projects in the relevant fields: Danube-INCO.NET, S2BIOM and EBTP-SABS.
During the event, in order to promote and support cooperation between SMEs and research organisations as well as enable them to implement innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, the organisers launched an Innovation Voucher Competition (deadline: 2 March 2015). CEI-ener2i-MD will finance 5 vouchers (4.000 EUR each), while another 6 will be funded by the ener2i project.

Stakeholders expressed great satisfaction for the additional opportunity offered by the CEI, stressing the importance of creating synergies in order to maximise the leverage effect of complementary initiatives. The one-year project, running until November 2015, is supported by a KEP grant of 47.275 EUR (around 50% of the total project cost). *** The KEP AUSTRIA Programme - part of CEI Know-how Exchange Programme - is financed by Austria, with funding provided by the Austrian Development Cooperation (based on an agreement between the Central European Initiative and Austrian Development Agency). The Programme aims at promoting capacity building and technical assistance through know-how transfer from CEI EU to CEI non-EU Member States.   

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