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CEI KEP Italy: BIOGOS Project presented at VIII International Forum for Clean Energy Technologies in Serbia

The National Petroleum Committee of Serbia (NPCS) presented the results of the project “Implementation of Directive 2009/28/EC in the Field of Biofuels and Transport in the Republic of Serbia - Transfer of Best Practices” (BIOGOS) at the VIII International Forum for Clean Energy Technologies on 30 September - 1 October 2014 in Novi Sad.

BIOGOS is co-financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD (contributed by Italy) in the framework of the CEI Know-How Exchange Programme (KEP Italy). It aims at transferring field-specific experience gained by the newest EU Member country, Croatia, to the target group in neighbouring Serbia, represented by NPCS. The project actively contributed to preparing policy recommendations for the regulation of the emerging biofuels market in the Serbian transport sector as well as to familiarising consumers with the benefits of biofuels.

BIOGOS started in January 2014 and is ending in October 2014. 
  • Programme available here
  • Press Release available here

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