Ten tutors and 27 students received their Internal Auditor Certificates obtained in the framework of the project “Training of Internal Auditors in Public Sector in Montenegro” (TIAPS) at the closing ceremony in Podgorica, Montenegro on 6 June 2014.
The TIAPS project has introduced the professional qualification training programme for the internal auditors public sector in Montenegro, in line with the best international practices and standards. One of the outcomes of the project was the first generation of students with a diploma of internal auditors in the public sector. Moreover, ten local tutors were trained in line with the curricula of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).
The Ministry of Finance of Montenegro, beneficiary of the project, had requested the implementation of TIAPS in order to address a perceived lagging in related skills. The programme, which started in 2012, was delivered by the Centre of Excellence in Finance (CEF) and designed with the assistance of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).
The TIAPS project was co-financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD (contributed by Italy) in the framework of the CEI Know-How Exchange Programme (KEP). Out of the total expected project cost of €225,112, the approved CEI co-financing amounted to €40,000. The German Stability Pact Fund, the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Centre of Excellence in Finance and the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro provided additional funds.
The closing ceremony of the project was held in the presence of the Montenegrin Minister of Finance, Radoje Žugić, as well as of the representatives of the know-how providing institutions, and the German and Slovenian Ambassadors to Montenegro.
In order to institutionalise the certification Programme in the country, the Montenegrin Government has decided to localise it within its Central Human Resources Department. A new round of the Programme was launched at the beginning of 2014.
For more information: kep.italy@cei.int
The KEP ITALY (CEI Fund at the EBRD) Call for Proposals 2014 is officially open.
Deadline for applications: 15 July 2014