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16th Dubrovnik Diplomatic Forum on "Innovations and Changing Roles of Diplomacy and Diplomatic Training"

"Innovations and Changing Roles of Diplomacy and Diplomatic Training" was the main focus of this year’s 16th edition of the Dubrovnik Diplomatic Forum, held in Dubrovnik on 23-25 May 2013.   High-state officials and other experts, both practitioners and academics, as well as young diplomats from the CEI region and beyond gathered to have discussions on  innovation and its influences and consequences,  the changing role of diplomacy, diplomatic techniques and diplomatic training.     CEI Alternate Secretary General, Amb. Margit Waestfelt, who participated in the closing session highlighted that the CEI’s mission was to foster innovation and modernisation in all areas of activity in order to support European integration among Member Countries. This year’s topic was therefore highly  welcomed as a contribution to this aim. She also underlined that the CEI had just started a programme in this context by offering four trainee-posts at the CEI Secretariat to young officials from SEE Member Countries who are given the opportunity to work in the field of EU-project management, thus acquiring experience and skills in designing and implementing EU projects.   The Annual Dubrovnik Diplomatic Forum started as an international conference in the field of diplomacy and diplomatic training, which over the years has grown into an annual event, unique of its kind in this part of Europe. The event is co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund.   For more information:  






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