The European population is getting older which means that the number of people over 65 years of age is increasing. The ageing trend presents numerous social changes and challenges, for which adequate solutions need to be found. Ten partners from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have just launched the “WIDER” project – “Green groWing of SMEs: Innovation and Development in the energy sector in mEd aRea”. The partnership is led by the Svim - Sviluppo Marche SpA- Development Company of the Marche Region from Italy.   The project deals with issues related to the ageing population as it aims to enhance the exchange of knowledge and innovations as well as improve the position of new products for small and medium-sized companies following the whole delivery chain of eco-smart apartments for independent living of the elderly in seven regional industrial Mediterranean areas.   The Kick-off meeting of the WIDER project, hosted by the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 27 – 28 May 2013, was attended by the CEI, project partner in charge of promoting networking and of disseminating activities throughout its Member States.   WIDER is co-financed by the EU Programme MED (2007-2013) with an overall budget of around 2.5M EUR.   For more information: