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Scientific cooperation / Education & training

Science Diplomacy is emerging as a useful tool to build bridges and strengthen relations. The CEI aims at enhancing science education in its region as a contribution to the consolidation of the European Research Area (ERA). In order to increase employability, special attention will be paid to the life-long learning concept and to the implementation of EU educational and employment policies in non-EU CEI Member States. Education and training will also address groups at risk of exclusion to integrate them into the labour market, while focusing on youth unemployment as a growing problem the CEI region is facing.

Key objectives
Promoting international scientific cooperation and initiatives to support science diplomacy
Implementing life-long learning and developing competencies through mobility
Enhancing scientific literacy and technological knowledge and capacity
Areas of intervention
Science and Technology
Education / Life-long learning & training

Mr. Alessandro Lombardo

Senior Executive Officer
+39 040 7786 744

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