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01/06/2017 - 31/05/2020
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SENTINEL is co-financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. It aims at enhancing the capacities and management skills of social enterprises to better exploit their role in economic development, the labour market and in social inclusion in Central European marginal regions.

The project will enhance the organisational structure and operational processes of social enterprises, by adapting business models and approaches from innovation-driven sectors and actors. It will set up cooperation models involving businesses and public actors for continuous social enterprise development.  

While testing new operating models and mentoring services designed to strengthen social enterprises in less developed regions of Central Europe, the SENTINEL partnership will develop innovative methods to facilitate networking and cooperation among these organisations.

The CEI - Executive Secretariat is implementing a Pilot Action in the mountain area between Carnia and Cadore, in order to test how social enterprises can boost economic growth and local development in marginal regions.


An international group of organisations coming from different sectors has established the Transnational Social Enterprises Advocacy Network – SETAN.

What is SETAN

SETAN has been established in the framework of  SENTINEL by different organisations coming from 6 countries that shared the idea that social economy and social enterprises are crucial for the convergence of disadvantaged regions of Central Europe, where market forces fail to revive the economy; social enterprises are key actors in social inclusion and work integration in these regions, but they face many common barriers at their birth, operation and growth.

SETAN invites social enterprises, support organisations, networks, local authorities, education and research organisations, business organisations and individuals to join SETAN and to collaborate to promote advocacy actions and to develop activities to support social enterprises.


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    Lead Partner: 

    • Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta (Hungary)


    • Trentino Federation of cooperation (Italy)
    • Fund 05 –Foundation for Social Investment (Slovenia)
    • Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities PRIZMA (Slovenia)
    • Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (Poland)
    • Regional Centre of Social Assistance in Rzeszow (Poland)
    • Institute of Social Innovations (Czech Republic)
    • Social Impact gGmbH (Germany)
    • KONETT Hungaria Community Development Nonprofit Ltd (Hungary)
    • Central European Initiative - Ecexutive Secretariat (Italy)
    Cooperation with Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (ARFVG)

    MS. Anna Marconato

    Senior Project Manager
    +39 040 7786 748