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Supporting small business in Moldova: a success story

Through the CEI Fund at the EBRD, Italy is providing support to micro and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Moldova by financing the technical assistance project “Advice for Small Businesses in Moldova (Youth and Skills)” with 300,000 EUR.

The Project’s actions focus on offering relevant non-financial business development services to support youth in business in order to develop and scale-up their activities in an ever changing and competitive business environment. The expected result is an increased competitiveness of target SMEs, leading to innovation and growth, export development, job creation, improved productivity and increased adoption of innovative practices. The overall aim is to stimulate the transition towards a more competitive, innovative and inclusive economy in Moldova.

To this end, a wide range of advisory services are provided for strategy, marketing, organisation and quality management, ICT, engineering solutions, energy efficiency and environment, accounting and financial reporting. This support is complemented with trainings and networking activities.

Among the beneficiaries, the youth-led Moldovan garden and landscaping centre “Alex Garden” founded by a young entrepreneur, Alexandru Ciobanu in Chișinău, has received a comprehensive array of assistance for its overall growth. Thanks to the CEI’s support, the company currently has nine employees, and its turnover and volume of business have doubled. It is developing its landscape design department and expanding into the Romanian market.

The full success story is available HERE 

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