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Italian Health Institute sets two new CEI projects into motion

The Italian Health Institute (Istituto Superiore di Sanità – ISS), has recently kicked off two projects financed by Italy under the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme, in the framework of the CEI COVID-19 Extraordinary Call for Proposals. Both actions will implement activities on Distance Learning on Epidemics and Pandemic outbreaks. One will target the countries of the Western Balkans and the other will target Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

On this occasion, ISS introduced the projects, their objectives and expected outcomes to the National Health Institutes and Ministries involved.

Due to the wide-reaching implications of public health both at national and cross-country level, cooperation is crucial for the way forward. The ISS is supporting project-target countries to enhance their capacity to implement effective actions during the current / and future emergencies.

The projects aim at strengthening the abilities of all parties to effectively and timely cope with outbreaks - in terms of preparedness and response - and at consolidating the capacity of each national public health surveillance system as well as regional communication channels to be activated during emergencies.


The ISS, funded in 1934, is the Italian National Institute of Health, leader for research, auditing, training, and technical and scientific consulting in public health. ISS has joined efforts with the CEI in promoting and initiating cooperation among countries in Central and Eastern Europe, members of SEEHN (South Eastern Europe Health Network), by building an alliance that relies on scientific and technological excellence in public health.  The launch of successful regional consortia between EU and non-EU CEI Member States has been a token of effective multilateral policy.

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