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CEI-WHO meetings take stock of new development around COVID-19 pandemic

The CEI-WHO Joint Task Force remains dedicated to following the COVID-19 situation and evaluating the transition criteria CEI-wide. Under this perspective, the third and fourth designated e-meetings, which took place on 10 June and 24 June respectively, delved into thematic sessions touching upon the WHO health emergency program, the transition criteria, and surveillance systems. 

Participants from Ministries of Health, National Institutes of Public Health, and the South-Eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN) discussed the WHO public health criteria to adjust public health and define measures for socio-economic recovery in the context of COVID-19. 

They acknowledged that the recent resurgence of infection cases following the relaxation of control measures confirmed the need for a common understanding and approach through a comparative methodology, thus calling for sound strategies aimed at a targeted population; they also observed that testing and tracking systems, along with border management and mobility, were key elements for cooperation and knowledge sharing.

The WHO representative underlined that the upcoming activities would consider the inputs received from the members with the aim of working under a common ground meeting different needs. The Task Force was regarded as a valid platform for best-practice sharing and overall support at a critical juncture.


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