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KEP Project: SMART RIVER GOVERNANCE 2.0 on integrated management of river areas in Moldova successfully completed

On 28 May, Chișinău hosted the Final workshop of the SM.Art RI.ver GO.vernance 2.0 Project. The project was supported by the CEI Fund at the EBRD, solely financed by Italy, and implemented through the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme.

The activity regarded a bilateral transfer of knowledge between Italy and Moldova: Italian experts shared know-how and expertise with Moldovan institutions. The main objective was the dissemination and sharing of good practices and innovative technologies for water resource management in small river basins in Moldova, in order to improve water management among the partners and spread the European Innovation Partnership on Water within the Action Group “Participatory European network on Water Governance Smart Rivers Network”. This has been done through the implementation of a River Contract in a prototype river basin to demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of this new governance tool.

The main outcomes of the workshop were the presentation of results achieved with the project and the establishment of an Action Plan aimed at solving the problem of flooding and proper use of the water resource with an integrated approach by means of the "River Contract". The Action Plan foresees structural and non-structural mitigation measures and rural development measures. 

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